Super Archive Boxes (with lids)
(360mm Length x 306mm Width x 260mm Height)
Ideal for archive storage as the bottoms are guaranteed not to fall out. Otherwise idea for dinner sets and valuable items.

Book/Wine Boxes
(408mm Length x 298mm Width x 431mm Height)
Great for books, glassware, tools, etc - items from drawers in desks, bathrooms and kitchens. Place heavier items in smaller boxes like the book/wine to make shifting easier.

Tea Chest Carton
(431mm Length x 405mm Width x 596mm Height)
Very popular size ideal for small appliances, bathroom and kitchen items, photo albums, shoes and linen.

Picture Carton
(1040mm Length x 775mm Width x 75mm Height)
Perfect for those precious portrait paintings, prints and mirrors.

Flat Pack Carton
(915mm Length x 505mm Width x 320mm Height)
Great for clothing, linen and ornaments.

Lamp Shade Carton
(600mm Length x 600mm Width x 520mm Height)
Great for clothes, bedding, pots & pans, children's toys, lamp shades and larger items (caution of weight)

Wine Cartons with Inserts
Perfectly made for the storage of bottles - 12 bottles per box.

Plastic Furniture Covers
Covers to protect against dust and dirt:-
Dining Chair
3 Seater Couch Covers
Lounge Chair Covers
Single Mattress Covers
King/Queen Mattress Covers

Other items
Furniture blankets - ideal for protecting wooden furniture and to assist in stacking items.
Fitted Furniture Covers - perfectly fitted covers for televisions, fridge/freezer and washing machines.
Packing Tape and Knives - essential for packing.
Bubble Wrap - helps avoid scratches and cracks to fragile items.
Padlocks - for added peace of mind.
Truck Ties - purchase the length you need.