The price you pay to store may not be so cheap if your goods are missing when you go to get them. Make sure the facility you rent at has these following features

Barrel Locks on the Doors:

Inexpensive pad locks are easily picked and normal pad locks are easy to cut with bolt cutters. Barrel locks recess into the door, leaving nothing to cut, and the cylinder keys used with them are almost impossible to pick.

Individual Door Alarms:
Door alarms not only provide backup protection to locks, they allow the self storage facility to track the times and dates your space was accessed. This can be very beneficial to businesses and individuals who have authorised more than one person to access this space.


Gate Access Controls:
Key pad activated entrance gates keep non-authorised people out while allowing tenants easy access to their spaces while recording the times and dates of entry.

Onsite managers:
Managers live on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Internal - External concrete walls:
All units have internal concrete walls for extra protection between each unit. Enabling clients to stack more easily.