Size Calculator

We understand how difficult it can be to estimate how much space you need, so we have developed an On-Line Space Calcuator to assist.

All you need to do is enter in the amount of items you have in the white boxes next to the item description and when you've finished entering, click on the calculate button and your total will appear in the window to the right. Please note, this calculator is to give you av estimate of space required only, please contact us for a detailed appraisal and quote.

Cupboard   Chairs   Dishwasher  
Freezer   High Chair   Microwave  
Fridge   Stool   Table  
Tidy   Cartons - Standard   Cartons - Book  
Dining Table   Carpet | Rug   Wall Unit  
Chairs   TV | Stereo   Cartons - Standard  
Side Board   Book Case   Cartons - Book  
Television   Arm Chair   Heater  
Wide Screen TV   Coffee Table   Wall Units  
Video Recorder   Foot Stool   Paintings  
Stereo Cabinet   Cnr Table | Nest   Carpet | Rug  
Stereo + Speakers   Book Case   Small Boxes  
3 Seater Sofa   Air Conditioner   Medium Boxes  
2 Seater Sofa   China Cabinet   Large Boxes  
Single Mat + Base   Wardrobes   Stool + Chair  
Bunks + Frames   Television   Side Table  
Baby Cot   Stereo   Dressing Table  
Double Mat + Base   Desk   Chest of Drawers  
Queen Mat + Base   Computer   Small Boxes  
King Mat + Base   Printer + Scanner   Medium Boxes  
Head Boards   Book Case   Large Boxes  
Office Desk   Fax   Waste Bin  
Chair   Bookcase   Cupboard  
Computer   Filing Cabinet 2D   Paintings  
Printer   Filing Cabinet 3D   Small Boxes  
Scanner   Filing Cabinet 4D   Medium Boxes  
Dryer   Hall Table   Vacuum Cleaner  
Washing Machine   Brooms + Buckets   Small Boxes  
Ironing Board   Clothes Horse   Medium Boxes  
Golf Bag   Wading Pool   Step Ladder  
Surfboard   Trampoline   Lawn Mower  
Table Tennis   Skis Snow + Water   Whipper Snipper  
Bikes + Trikes   Tent + Poles   Blower  
Fishing Rods   Patio Table   Tool Box  
Tackle Box   Chairs   Trailer  
Skate Board   Garden Tools   Dog Kennel  
Scooter   Wheel Barrow   Garden Shed  
Boat + Motor   BBQ + Bottle   Small Boxes  
Gym Equipment   Canoe/Windsurfer   Medium Boxes  
Sewing Machine   Fish Tank   Portable Welder  
Piano | Organ   Motor Bike   Play Pen  
Chrismas Tree   Work Bench   Suitcases  

Cubic Metres

Suggested storage size